Invite Beauty to Your World!

Invite Beauty to Your World!


CColor Analysis consists of choosing the right color palette for your wardrobe,
for your makeup, accessories and hair. It gives ideas for ways to combine various shades with imagination.


Develop the skill to express yourself through your clothes and every single detail. You will be given practical and professional advice which will bring about an immediate change in your appearance.


Master the art of doing your own makeup. Learn some easy techniques to naturally and beautifully underline your best features.


The First Bulgarian Book Devoted Entirely to
Personal Style

On 128 full-color pages I share my 12-year experience as a beauty consultant. I will show you tell how the outfit really changes each of us.
Practical advice real stories, answers to plenty of questions…

On June 13 the premiere of the book “The Personal Style” took place.
You can see the event pictures here

You can learn more about the book here


The transformation I’ve been going through has been magical. I have been discovering on a daily basis new details, colors, and new ways to feel good in my own skin. Before I was never happy about the way I looked no matter how nice and expensive my clothes and accessories were…
Silvana Lesidrenska
NGO Coordinator

Color Analysis and Personal Style have entirely changed the way I perceive myself. The best proof of this was the reaction of the people in my life. I would say that this meeting has marked the start of my journey to self-discovery.
Tsveta Trapkova
Office Manager

To me, the meeting with Rumi was one of those meetings one remembers for life! I had questions and found the answers under Rumi’s guidance.
This type of work reflects on one’s vision but at the same time it is also a very deep, personal and sincere experience I do recommend!
Elena Nedeva
Broker Agency Manager

Coloriten with Rumyana Peneva

+359 898 644 252
Sofia, 3 Lyutibrod Str.

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Coloriten with Rumyana Peneva

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