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“My outfit and appearance have always mattered a lot to me, because they allow me to communicate without saying a word. The Color Analysis and Personal Style with Rumi were a lot of fun and a healthy experience having to do with revealing my own femininity. Every woman “living the colors and her style” knows exactly what I mean – the feeling of being yourself, of being beautiful for being yourself, and of seeing that those around you feel it as well. I keep experimenting with my appearance and it turns out to be a success almost every time. And one more thing, there is nearly no piece of clothing in my wardrobe that makes me wonder why, for God’s sake, I have bought it.”
Iveta Emilova


“Being an artist, I used to think that I knew enough about colors and what suited me. But the Color Analysis with Rumyana turned out to be an extremely pleasant surprise that opened my eyes to so many things! Being dressed in my colors, I look much more living and look better in pictures, the shopping experience for new clothes is now easier for me and I no more wander because I know exactly what I’m looking for.” Sofia Ilieva


“Color Analysis is a unique tool on the path to our true selves, beyond all masks and clichés of the “modern” and “admissible” we hide behind. To me this was the very first step towards looking more myself and boldly unveiled the illusion of my understanding of those individual shades that reflected me into the outside world the most vividly and harmoniously. Rumi has the talent of seeing even the invisible and the ability to dress it in the colors that suit us. And then she opens the door to a world that transforms everybody brave enough to enter it.” Petya Blagoeva

Human Design Analyst

“I headed towards the personal style consultation with the intention of convincing my interlocutor that one HAD to distinguish himself through his outfit from those sharing different ideas, and just as categorically to illustrate his music and artistic interests. The few exclusive hours with Rumyana made me see the world and myself in a different way – with a smile and self-confidence, by feeling comfortable in my own skin, and by having the freedom to express MY PERSONAL INDIVIDUALITY just as it is, without the limits I used to always set myself. Feeling more free, more smiling, more complete, more self-confident and more beautiful – these are the things the Personal Style experience has given me.” Petya Manolova

Art Studio Senior Manager

“I am one of those people whose wardrobe consists of duck yellow color to violet, truly black grey, and salmon color; strict sportswear to quite strict and stylish outfits … When you are 20+, you are in high spirits and you find it pure fun when provoking those around you, but when you reach your 30+ and you have two kids, things start becoming complicated and aol the charming morning bustle in front of the mirror turns into agony. And here came Rumi! I can be nothing but thankful to her for helping me put some order in my choices, wardrobe and overall shopping experience! And at the same time, despite my skepticism that here was coming a person to limit me by telling me what to wear and what not to wear – Oh, miracle – I was presented with limitless opportunities to unfold my soul and to beautifully express my true self, while keep experimenting and discovering just the way I know it and I like it.” Ralitsa Stanoeva

Facilitator at The Business Institute

“Color Analysis has entirely changed the way I perceive myself. I would say that this meeting has marked the start of my journey to self-discovery. It was surprising how great and positive change my colors have brought to me. And the best proof of this was the reaction of the people in my life – people I knew and even strangers who became my mirror. The change to me was not only visual, but also internal – I felt much more confident, more motivated, in harmony with myself and most of all – I was no longer afraid of changes but even started searching for them myself. Colors and personal style are the two halves of one and the same thing, and taken together they show one his true self and bring the feeling of completeness, which I really needed.” Tsveta Trapkova

Office Manager

“I know personally Rumi Peneva and my participation in the Color and Style Analysis was provoked mostly by the fact that I could trust her. And our meeting turned out to be not just a wonderful experience for my feminine side, but also the answer to a number of questions, which I could not even formulate at times. Now I am much more efficient when it comes to my choice of garments, shoes and jewelry. I’ve cleared my wardrobe and bravely gave away my favorite stuff I had never worn. I recommend to everybody to do the Color Analysis and Personal Style with Rumi, and that is not only for the ladies, but mostly for all gentlemen.“ Anastasiya Dimitrova

“I may absolutely sincerely share that all the tips and tricks you shared with me last year (by the way, my meeting with you was my birthday gift) made my past year so much more colorful and vivid, and so much more mine, and… I managed to connect to my inner self even more and see this in the eyes of the people I meet on a daily basis…” Radostina Tsankova


“Rumi works with such ease and composure, as she leads you so carefully but yet so confidently, with great professionalism on the road to your own self-discovery and to the discovery of your personal beauty and magnetism, that without even realizing it you start accepting yourself, liking yourself and even wondering at a certain point: Is that really you!? Where have you been so far? Why have you never dared to appear in the light and show the world your unique aura? You wish you could run out right this moment to the store and buy this time and wear “your stuff“, wear the makeup and jewelry that suit you. Your mood improves, as well as your self-confidence. Rumi has changed my own feeling of myself and I truly thank her for this!“ Maya Marinova

Human Resources Director

“Even though jokingly separating my left to “Before and After Rumi“, I am indeed more than serious. The transformation I’ve been going through for the last couple of years has been magical and I have been discovering on a daily basis new details, colors, and new ways to feel good in my own skin. Before I was never happy about the way I looked no matter how nice and expensive my clothes and accessories were… I had that unidentified feeling of missing something, of being out of myself. I used to wear as all others for years and melt into the crowd while hiding my true self. And Rumi helped my find it. She showed me my delicate and feminine side, where my actual strength was. That made me throw the jeans out of my life and welcome the lace and pearls to my life.”
Silvana Lesidrenska

NGO Coordinator

“To me the incredible adventure called “Color Analysis and Personal Style” was a transformation both from the outside and the inside. Now I feel light, beautiful, confident and calm. One year after the consultations my wardrobe is now completely changed, my long hair is now short, and the old strict appearance is now rebellious. Rumi, thank you for your support, guidance and professionalism!” Daniela Ilieva


“I went to the session with Rumi Peneva without having any clear idea of what to expect and why I was going. I just knew that I had to do it. Besides the pleasant surprise from my communication with her and our exciting several hours spent together, my meeting with Rumi gave me something very precious – I saw myself in a different light, which was yet very genuine. The woman that Rumi showed me – well, I used to know her by intuition, but could not dare to invite her to show up. For just couple of months I changed entirely my appearance and my new power to show to the outside world what was hiding inside me gradually started opening new doors to me. And life became exciting.” Milena Dyankova


“To me, the meeting with Rumi was one of those meetings one remembers for life! I had questions and found the answers under Rumi’s guidance. She helped me re-discover myself and to express it in the outside world through garments and accessories. My transformation was huge because I saw my true self and now I feel happier, more beautiful and confident in every aspect. If you are searching for individuality and the truth about yourself, I heartily recommend Rumi! This type of work reflects on one’s vision but at the same time it is also a very deep, personal and sincere experience!” Elena Nedeva

Broker Agency Manager

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