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How do colors affect us and those around us? How could they underline the best of what we’ve already got? How the use of colors can help us discover more confidence and elegancy in order for us to look and feel even better? Your hair, eyes and complexion will change depending on the colors of the piece of clothing you choose. That’s why some colors make us look attractive and confident, while others have the completely opposite effect. Color itself has the magical power of having an emotional impact and affecting the way others perceive us.
Color Analysis is a system that help us discover the most suitable colors for our outfit, accessories and makeup. Color Analysis searches for the precise color to underline our beauty, charm and unique aura and at the same time to make us more attractive and noticeable.
This service is suitable for women, men and children.
 Color Analysis will offer you:
– the colors and color combinations that underline your natural beauty and individuality;
– the color family you belong to: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, or an intermediate season;
– you will get your own color palette, which will make your shopping easier;
– you will be guided on your day makeup conformable to your color profile and overall aura;
– you will get to know the most appropriate colors and color combinations for you, as well as your “strong” and “weak” colors;


Questions and Answers

What exactly happens during the Color Analysis?
Color Analysis takes place at daylight, in front of a mirror, between one to one and a half hours as professional drapes (fabrics) are presented to the face. The service includes day makeup for ladies. The consultation takes place at the Coloriten Atelier. Appointments should be made one week in advance over the telephone or by placing an order via email. Each consultation is individual.
What is the benefit from the Color Analysis and style consultations?
Color Analysis provides guidance on those colors that will always “work” for you, and that is for life. It facilitates your shopping and the combination of garments, saves you from impulsive purchases, and guarantees that you always look stylish and elegant when following its guidelines. The personal style consultations will give you individual and specific, practical guidelines. These include the type of cuts, lengths of skirts, shapes of necklines and accessories that are suitable for you so that you always look nice.
What do I need for the Color Analysis?
It is desirable that you come makeup free if you are a lady and possibly with your hair not freshly colored. You may also bring your personal makeup, so that we can decide together on what is suitable for you and what is not.
Is it possible that my color type changes over time?
Every person belongs to a certain color type or family – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, or an intermediate season, but your type does not change over time. That’s why one gets his/her own Color Analysis once in a lifetime and this is a tool, which you can use whenever you want.
May I have just a Color Analysis, or should I also define my personal style?
In order for you to have the maximum benefit and your experience to be truly complete, I do recommend that you also consult on your colors and your personal style. It is possible to be consulted only on your personal style or to have only a Color Analysis done.
Does my color type change if I am tanned?
After going to the seaside, for example, your tan is always the same, isn’t it? When you turn pale, you always turn pale in a similar way. That is so because one’s complexion is determined by one’s skin color. Therefore, regardless of whether you have tanned after being exposed to the sun or not, your color type will never change.
Are there any universal colors that may be used by everybody?
Even though it is a commonly accepted opinion that the black and white are universal colors, truth is that only certain shades of the blue and Bordeaux color could be universal colors.
1. Making an appointment – day and time
2. Defining one’s expectations from the consultation and desired changes
3. Facing the mirror for an hour and a half, trying out fabrics of all shades
4. Deciding on the appropriate accessories
5. Your personal colors are now identified
6. Day makeup
7. Ideas for combining your colors
8. Discussing appropriate makeup products
9. Time for questions and practical directions
10. You will receive a free color palette and guidance on your shades


“My experience during the Color Analysis was extremely inspiring and managed to unlock some unsuspected doors to my own perception. I have never imagined the great power of colors when knowing how to use them, after loving them and after they have become a part of me. It is not necessary to wear makeup and get my hair done in order for me to be complemented, but I just need to wear the colors that suit me, the colors that make my face shine and underline my own natural beauty. I am thankful for having such knowledge and I hope that more people will get the chance to experience it!”

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IT Project Coordinator

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