Becoming Friends With Makeup

Makeup transforms and when applied in the right colors it makes wonders. Color Analysis focuses on garment colors, on our choice of hair color, accessories and makeup as well.

If a woman’s makeup is done well then it will be unnoticeable, and the people around her will see the individuality of this woman. Getting compliments on how good we look, but not on our eye shadow or lipstick color – that is indeed true art.

1. Making an appointment – day and time
2. Expectations and needs
3. Guidelines on the necessary makeup tools
4. Selection and application of the right foundation
5. How to contour your cheekbones
6. Eyebrow shaping
7. Eye makeup techniques
8. Lips
9. Tricks and tips to choosing the products that suit you
10. Time for questions and answers

Becoming friends with makeup is a matter of will – the will to learn what, how much, how and where to apply onto your face. And you don’t need to complete a special training course in order to be able to do this, because in just 2 hours it is possible to get the summary of some of the basic minutest details for the art of makeup.

What will you get: you will learn how to do your own makeup; you will master some new techniques to naturally and beautifully underline your best features You will be given some practical advice on makeup entirely consistent with your own needs and individuality.


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Coloriten with Rumyana Peneva

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